NVIDIA Geforce Experience Tutorial – How To Record Your PC Gameplay

If you run an Nvidia GPU, which for better or worse is the majority of you out there, making use of the dedicated h.264 encoding chip (present on all Nvidia GTX GPUs from the 600 series [~2012] and newer) is the best way to ensure that recording has the least impact on the actual performance of your game, almost regardless of the processor you’re running. In a number of 3rd party recording tools you can use that built-in encoder (often listed as “NVENC H.264“), but by far the fastest and most intuitive way, is to simply use the official tools provided by Nvidia, via their multi-purpose Geforce Experience software.

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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Preview – Confirmed for December 13th + Leaked Info

Even though Overwatch has only been out for 6 months and was already incredibly polished at launch, the game has received 2 new characters bringing its roster to 23 (Ana / Sombra), 2 substantial events with their own custom maps/modes and tons of new items (Summer Games / Halloween Terror), competitive play with golden weapons skins as rewards, a new map (Eichenwalde) with another on the way (Oasis), as well as tons of balancing that has mixed the game up keeping competitive play fresh.

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Finding the Best All-around Gaming Headset – December 2016

I was recently in the market for a new gaming headset myself, so I thought I’d document the process I went through in finding my own personal pair. We’ll discuss the various factors to look out for, as well my hands-on impressions of a number of different models.

Kingston HyperX Cloud ~$75 – [3:58]

Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver ~$120 – [9:31]

Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger ~$50 – [18:45]

Sennheiser GAME ONE ~$170 – [6:44]

Sennheiser GAME ZERO ~$195 – [10:51]

Razer Tiamat ~$158 – [11:57]

Logitech G35 ~$60 – [14:27]

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Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer and Detailed Info Analysis

We’ve heard crazy rumors about the “Nintendo NX” over the past year, and their reveal trailer confirms most of em’, including the release window of March 2017. While the form factor and various use cases were shown, that confirmation and the lack of really any in-depth explanation not only leaves tons of questions unanswered, but creates ground for even more. Watch the reveal, and then we’ll get into all the details and concerns, for what will easily be the most extensive analysis you’ll find online… [Last Update – 2016/10/21]

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Valve adding PS4 Dualshock 4 Rebinding to Steam

The Playstation 4’s DS4 was by far the most advanced controller for the PC before Valve entered the game. DS4Windows (and other similar applications) bought Xinput support to the DS4, along with gyro/touchpad/lightbar implementations and a whole host of other binding options. When Valve introduced their Steam Controller [Amazon], they started out small and were met with rightful hesitation, but very quickly expanded it’s feature-set, eventually becoming the new king of customization.

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Game Review – Clustertruck

Clustertruck is a hectic first-person vehicular platformer by Landfall Games [ pub. tinyBuild ], released September 27, 2016 on Steam and GOG [PC, Mac, Linux] and PS4 [Xbox One soon-2016]. These guys also made the now free, Air Brawl, a simple but extremely satisfying multiplayer arcade dogfighter. They know how to make games that feel great, and Clustertruck is no exception. Review last updated 2016/09/27.

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