The Asus PG279Q Gaming Monitor – How much better is 165hz?

Finally got a chance to give the Asus PG279Q a proper review. This is a monitor I’ve been looking forward to getting in and testing for a few months now. If you don’t know, the previous model from Asus the PG278Q was a breakthrough monitor at the time being the worlds first 1440P G-sync enabled monitor capable of 144Hz. This monitor dramatically improved my gaming skills and brought the gaming experience up a whole new level.

Animations and fluidity were almost magical they were so buttery smooth, it just made the game so much more immersive and enjoyable.

asus rog pg279q review

The only downfall was that it used a TN panel, which is great because its fast, but bad because viewing angles are horrendous. The Asus 279Q corrects this and now uses an IPS panel and the differences are significant. And to top it all off they even bumped up the refresh rates to a whopping 165Hz, the highest offering of any monitor, but the question is: How much of a difference does 21 additional frames per second make?

Currently using an MSI 980ti video card, I had been able to enjoy video settings in Battlefield 4 set to Ultra while maintaining an almost perfectly static 144 frames per second. But once I overclocked the monitor to 165, I actually had to bump those settings down to High, otherwise I would get pretty big fluctuations in frame rates from like the low 100s then up to 165, the demands of this monitor are not light if you want to extract its full performance!

The difference between 144 and 165 wasn’t huge but it was noticeable to me. Obviously, it would be most ideal to be able to run on Ultra settings and maintain 165, but a single 980ti just wasn’t quite up to it. Even so, at high settings the experience is amazing, and this is best gaming monitor you can get for FPS games in my opinion.

But why continue to talk about it here, check the video to see some of the on screen action yourself.


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