The All Around Portable Bluetooth Speaker Champ

I’ve always considered the Jawbone BIG JAMBOX pretty much the best pound for pound bluetooth speaker you can get. It has 15+ hours of battery life, sounds great (gets nice and loud), and is under $300. And actually, You can find perfect, refurbished models for less than $160.


But now there is a new contender, the UE Megaboom. This is UE’s newest, largest speaker (they make a ‘mini’ and a regular ‘boom’). I decided to give it a spin since its about the same size as my Jambox but adds a lot of of durability thanks to it being waterproof, in addition it has amazing battery life at 20 hours!

UE Megaboom 01

Since it is a pretty new product, it does retail for $300, and in the end I didn’t think it quite warranted the nearly double price of the Jambox. Check the video for a more in depth review.

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