Setting Up a Kick A** Home Movie/Media Server


  1. Bill DePalma

    Great information, much appreciated. I have a simple question about internet bandwidth. While I have both 100 mbs upload and down load now and have very performance from my media server within my home, I would like to switch to a service with 100 mbs download but only around 10 mbs upload. Will this effect my media server’s speed within my home? Using a Mac mini as my server/nighthawk router/nvidia shield/plex.
    Bill D

    • He bill thanks for the comment. sorry for my slow response, that slower upload service should not affect your media server in the least. but if you are 100mps upload now, i would love that personally, is it that much cheaper? well of course i game and do some other larger file transferring, so i like the bandwidth on the upload, but it shouldn’t affect your media performance on your internal network in the least. hope that helps, you sound like you have a nice setup, i’m looking into a sheild myself!

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