Review – WiFi Bathroom Scale Shootout

Today I am reviewing two of the most popular wifi scales available, the Fitbit Aria and the Withings WS-50. After having used the Aria for nearly 2 years, I wanted to see what the Withings offered over it and if it was worth upgrading.

As far as bathroom scales go, these are pretty expensive, with the Aria going for about $130 and the Withings retailing for $150. But what they offer is the ability to keep track of all your data either in an app or online. This can save you from having to jot down your weight every time you take a measurement, and is excellent for tracking against goals.

I found the Withings to be worth the $20 price difference as it offers more area to comfortably stand on, has a much nicer lcd, and gives you the option to display the weather. But check the video for my full review.

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