Review – Asus PG278Q

ASUS introduced the worlds first G-sync enabled, 144hz refresh rate monitor. This is from their RoG (Republic of Gamers) line of PC gaming components. It’s the ASUS PG278Q Swift, and its awesome. When it first launched it was initially out of stock everywhere, but I was able to get one of the first ones available.

Resolution on this is 2560×1440, so while not a 4k monitor it has more than double the refresh rates of current 4k monitors, and in my opinion, if you play a lot of fps games, frame rates are way more important than resolution. It makes gameplay so much more smoother and makes everything look fluid and beautiful.

While this is a really great looking monitor with its thin bezel and matte black finish, it is unfortunately a TN type panel. So what this means is that it suffers from off angle viewing issues (where viewiing off axis will result in a darker picture and some color shifting). It wasn’t a huge deal to me, as when i’m using my computer i’m situated directly in front of it. The awesome response times, refresh rates, and lack of any input lag more than make up for it.

For full technical specs, I’d recommend taking a look at Anandtech’s Post.

UPDATE: The good news is that Asus did just announce the PG279Q at Computex, an IPS panel version of this same display; the best of both worlds! Can’t wait to get that in and will post a review as soon as it is released, with a release date set for sometime in Q3 of 2015.

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