Philips Hue Bloom, Iris and Par16 Bulb Comparison

My condo has been undergoing a lighting transformation as I am in the process of switching just about every light in my place over to the Philips Hue wireless lighting system. Changing out every bulb except for those in my bathroom as one of the fixtures uses a halogen style which Philips doesn’t not currently make.

In deciding which bulb to best use as accent lighting I reviewed these 3 different offerings. I ended up buying a couple of the blooms for the corners in my bedroom and a Par16 bulb to go in a floor spot light that I already owned.

As you’ll see in the video, I didn’t really see the need for the Iris lamp, as it was the largest and at the same time dimmest of the 3. If you are interested in seeing an example of the different light outputs as well as a full review of these lights, go ahead and click on through.

I purchased all of my lighting from amazon as you can get the full range of Hue products all in one place. I will warn you though, these lights are addicting and can get expensive.

You can checkout the full Hue Lighting range on Amazon US / Amazon UK.

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