My Honest Experience with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has come a long way with their hardware and the Surface Pro 4 seemed like a really cool laptop solution. Now that they have updated it with skylake and improved the touch cover to have spaced out keys as well as a larger and much improved trackpad, I decided to get one in and give it a review.

There was lots to love about this two in one laptop. A big sharp touchscreen with the power of a full blown Windows 10 machine lets you be as productive as you could ever want. Its the perfect tool for heavy note takers like students or lawyers, although it did have some minor drawbacks when it came to using it for purely entertainment purposes or when using it vs something like an iPad for really light computer tasks.

Check out the video review for an indepth review to see what it was like to use it for a month, and to see if it works well enough to get over a traditional laptop.

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