How To Use Custom Hard Drive Icons in Windows 10

By default, Windows does not give you the ability to right click on a drive to change the icon used when viewing that drive in file explorer. This can be very helpful if you have multiple drives, as it allows you to quickly recognize a specific drive based on visual cues in addition to just the drive letter or name. Luckily, there is a fairly simple way to do this.

In my case, I use a number of different hard drives and like to assign each of those drives a unique icon as seen in the image below:

custom hard drive icons

I personally think think this looks a lot nicer than the generic image used by Windows for a hard drive. To do this, all you need to do is navigate to the root of that drive and create a .txt file in that drive by right clicking and selecting new text document:

create text document

Then simply rename the text file to autorun.inf (if your extension doesn’t change from .txt to .inf, make sure that file name extensions are visible by selecting this box here:

show file extensions

After renaming the file, open the file in notepad and type in the following 2 lines. (Where ‘driveicon.ico’ is the actual name of the .ico file you want to use for your custom icon.)

[autorun] icon=”driveicon.ico”

Note, it must be an .ico file type, so if you have a .png or other type of image file you want to use, simply go to and convert your image to the proper .ico format.

Save the image you want to use inside the root directory of that drive, in the same location where your autorun.inf file is located.

Then simply reboot, and viola, if you did everything correctly, Windows will now use your custom image as the default icon for that drive. Enjoy your new, prettier file explorer. If you are having any issues, please drop me a comment below.

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