Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer and Detailed Info Analysis

We’ve heard crazy rumors about the “Nintendo NX” over the past year, and their reveal trailer confirms most of em’, including the release window of March 2017. While the form factor and various use cases were shown, that confirmation and the lack of really any in-depth explanation not only leaves tons of questions unanswered, but creates ground for even more. Watch the reveal, and then we’ll get into all the details and concerns, for what will easily be the most extensive analysis you’ll find online… [Last Update – 2016/10/21]

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Valve adding PS4 Dualshock 4 Rebinding to Steam

The Playstation 4’s DS4 was by far the most advanced controller for the PC before Valve entered the game. DS4Windows (and other similar applications) bought Xinput support to the DS4, along with gyro/touchpad/lightbar implementations and a whole host of other binding options. When Valve introduced their Steam Controller [Amazon], they started out small and were met with rightful hesitation, but very quickly expanded it’s feature-set, eventually becoming the new king of customization.

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The Amazon Echo Gets a Huge Update

The Amazon Echo is a pretty slick device. If you haven’t seen my review or were looking for a great demo video, I’ve got you covered:

But for those that may just be learning about the device, I got the following email last week and was stoked. I’ve been a long time Spotify user and lover, but when I got the Echo I was bummed about how bad the Amazon Music service was. They have been adding weekly updates to the device and they have all been ho hum, but this was a huge announcement and I really excited and happy to hear about it. Read More ›

CES 2016 – Interesting PC Gaming Cases

I was recently in the market for a new case myself, and I haven’t been swayed from the Corsair 760T (I’ll be covering it soon) that I’ve been eyeing for some time now, I’ve come across a number of compelling new options. There were quite a few ludicrous designs shown off that while cool, weren’t something that the average consumer or even enthusiast should actually consider outside of novelty. All of the cases I’ll be covering here are within the range from sensible options to incredible buys.

Case - Corsair 760T

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