Game Review – Clustertruck

Clustertruck is a hectic first-person vehicular platformer by Landfall Games [ pub. tinyBuild ], released September 27, 2016 on Steam and GOG [PC, Mac, Linux] and PS4 [Xbox One soon-2016]. These guys also made the now free, Air Brawl, a simple but extremely satisfying multiplayer arcade dogfighter. They know how to make games that feel great, and Clustertruck is no exception. Review last updated 2016/09/27.

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Game Review – Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a 3rd person combat-focused RPG by FromSoftware [pub. BANDAI NAMCO], released April 11th, 2016 on Steam (or via Amazon), PS4, and Xbox One. This is the fifth game in the series, and while that sounds like a large number, fans (myself included) continually beg for more. Not only are two of the five titles Playstation exclusives (thus limiting their appeal), but I feel these games created and now comprise their own genre. The real core of the genre is the unique brand of combat, focusing heavily on deliberate actions and costs/consequences both for the player and the enemies, that also enables many styles of play with numerous equipment options. In addition to that, one might add the complex and often intertwined level design, cryptic storytelling, and sheer difficulty that can be overcome with knowledge and skill.

The dedicated fanbase and reputation this series has built for itself causes a certain level of misunderstanding for the general audience. Frequently I see misconceptions about what these games entail, why people should or shouldn’t play them, and the ways in which they are ‘allowed’ to be enjoyed. I will be covering the game’s potential as an entry into the series, additions and changes from past games, issues with the PC port, cheating and the ways in which you can push difficulty/frustration in either direction, and more. I won’t be delving deep into lore or hardcore PVP item meta, and should stay somewhat light on spoilers outside of mechanical info, with all screenshots from very early game. For lovers of any of the past FromSoftware titles, I’ll say right away that it is easily a ‘must-play’; arguably the best in the series for my tastes, and a worthy end to the core souls storyline. Review last updated 2016/04/24.

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Game Review – The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher is a 2D arcade shooter by Awfully Nice Studios, a two-man team comprised of former Blizzard employees. You play as the exterminator Harry, dashing along the ground and firing upwards to blast bugs in quick succession, narrowly avoiding contact to keep up your combo. It launched on Steam in Early Access on July 20, 2015, with a full release later on January 19, 2016. Work in progress art can be seen in its thread on the TIGForums. A demo is available via Steam. Review last updated 2016/02/07.

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