Game Preview – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst BETA

The original Mirror’s Edge from 2008 still stands strongly as one of my favorite games, and believe it or not served as the first true introduction for me into the first person perspective can achieve. Coming from consoles where shooters were just picking up steam, were essentially the only genre using the perspective, and they could only provide controllers for input (massively harming the experience)… Mirror’s Edge blew my mind. While it still benefits tremendously from the speed and responsiveness of a mouse, fast sloppy movements of a high sensitivity analog stick remain enjoyable; larger turns made manageable with it’s 90/180° quickturn system.

As a result of a somewhat future-proof port and now iconic aesthetic, the original still looks and plays beautifully (on PC) to this day. It doesn’t really look or feel like a living, breathing city; lacking in certain kinds of detail, which is then exacerbated by the game’s lacking narrative. That said, there’s a certain ambiance to it that makes it a world I enjoy my time in… just not when there are enemies present. Everyone that played it knows that the combat systems and essentially forced combat sections were abysmal and by far the worst aspect of the entire game. Competent melee/ranged combat that worked while retaining momentum, along with with the utmost importance placed on always being able to avoid it (very much like say Dishonored or Hitman Absolution) could have made it entirely reasonable, but sadly they failed miserably in both respects.

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