Battle of the Gaming Monitors – ASUS PG279Q vs Acer X34 Predator

I was lucky enough to recently be able to get my hands on 2 of the best gaming monitors on the planet right now, the Asus PG279Q and the Acer X34 Predator. While they are definitely two very different monitors, with one being a 34″ inch widescreen and one having the ability to do 165hz, I wanted to see which would offer the best overall gaming experience.

I’m personally a big Battlefield 4 player, and as its a first person shooter, frame rates are critical. but the screen width on the Acer X34 is just so tantilizing and the advantages it can give with all the screen real estate for regular desktop usage cannot be underestimated.

I’ve done individual reviews on the PG279Q and the X34 previously, but In this video, I cover whats its like to game on both monitors and give you some of my thoughts and impressions that will hopefully help help you decide between the two.

Although both screens have their pros and cons, with users online reporting various issues with both, here and here. If you are lucky enough to find one with no (or only minor) issues, the experience they provide in games is definitely amazing and worth spending the money on imo.

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