Automatically Clear the Downloads Bar in Chrome

nice chrome extensionDownloading files in Google Chrome will cause a download box to appear at the bottom of the browser. If you are like me, you may find it annoying to constantly have to close down this box every time your download completes. Luckily for us, there is a neat little extension available called Always Clear Downloads.

– get outta here!

This is a simple extension that automatically dismisses the download box 5 seconds after your file is downloaded, freeing up your vertical browser space. However, if you like to navigate to your downloaded files from within that box, this extension might not be for you as it also removes the files from the downloads history, CTRL+J

But I find that it saves me time and a little annoyance with having to click the little ‘x’ every time I download something from the internet.

Now I can click whatever I want to download (which is sometimes a rapid succession of multiple files at once), and when I’m ready to access the files I can just go to my desktop (which I have set as my default download location) and open it up when I’m ready and my browser session window doesn’t become obstructed with this download bar at the bottom of the page.


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